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Published: March 12, 2019

Review UsWe Want To Hear From You!

We are working on growing our business and getting our name out into the social community more and more.  One of the best is by getting customer reviews and followers on social media.

Positive reviews from awesome customers like you help others to feel confident about choosing RE/MAX Priscilla and Company too and now there are so many ways to do it.  We certainly appreciate your business and hope that your experience with RE/MAX Priscilla was above and beyond your expectations.  Please feel free to leave us a review via one of the links below or follow us to get details on new listings, sales and other related information.

We know writing a review is also an awkward proposition. To make it easier, here are a couple of sample questions that can assist you in thinking about what to say:

  • What concerns did you have about [buying/selling] your home?
  • What did I do differently than what you expected based on your experience or experiences shared by friends and family?
  • How did you feel our services benefited you? Was there anything we did that helped you save time, money, hassles, or make the process easier?
  • What would you say about why others should work with me?

We also understand some people are hesitant to put themselves out in social media, so if you would prefer, please send us an email with your feedback. We certainly appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback and we look forward to reading your remarks.

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For details on the promotion or assistance in reviewing, please call us at 250-549-7050 or email us if you would prefer!

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