Ready for a the Spring Real Estate Market?

Published: February 24, 2017

Spring is on its way!

It’s almost March and sellers are busy primping their homes for a spring sale. The Okanagan/Shuswap is a real estate hot spot. Forecasts are unpredictable. Some suggest this fast and competitive is sticking around – we’ll see. Inventory is low. Selection is limited. Savvy buyers, the ones who come prepared when they make an offer, are the ones who will happily achieve their real estate goals. Time to get organized. Here’s some tough love to avoid disappointment.

Get Your Financing Pre-approved

Time to go all the way. Remember, mortgage rates are low but the rules have changed. The rules to securing financing are tighter… much tighter! A quickie review from your banker isn’t enough. Avoid the unpleasant financing surprises which could force you to withdraw your offer by having your Mortgage Broker or lender pre-approve you with full documentation, up front, before you make an offer!

First Time Home Buyers

If this is your first time and you have a down payment, be sure to take advantage of the BC Housing Second Mortgage Program. You can choose to take advantage of the program to either renovate your new home – or pay down higher interest debts!

Don’t let it happen to you! We see many offers written and it’s unfortunate when we see a disappointed buyer withdraw their offer when they discover their financing could not be secured.

Need a referral? Just ask! We’ll connect you with the most qualified and talented financing professionals to complete your pre-approved financing. E-mail or call us today at 250-549-7050.

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