Be Fire Smart As A Homeowner

Published: August 10, 2021


Being fire smart as a homeowner is not difficult and with all of the recent fire activity in the summer there are some basic facts and information that you should know and be aware of.  Most of this information comes from local and Provincial websites and information portals.


  • Nearly half of all wildfires in B.C. are caused by people.  (FireSmart BC)
  • More than 50% of homes destroyed by wildfire are ignited by embers blown by the wind.  (BC Wildfire Service)
  • 80-90% of FireSmart homes with non-combustible roofs & 10 metres of clearance will survive a major wildfire. (Canadian Institute of Forestry)

The question becomes, what can individual homeowners do to reduce the impact of wildfire? The time to reduce the threat of wildfire is now, not when a fire is at your doorstep. Take care of your home and property, by reducing ignition sources, having water on hand or nearby, can help reduce the potential impact of wildfires and will help firefighters better defend your property. In addition:

  • Remove all combustibles within the first 10 metres around your home;
  • Space coniferous trees 3 metres apart;
  • Prune coniferous tree branches within 2 metres off the ground;
  • Plant low-density, fire-resistant plants and shrubs with moist, supple leaves;
  • Remove all dead vegetation and clean up your yard regularly;
  • Integrate FireSmart best practices into your short and long-term renovation projects.

Homeowners are encouraged to look ahead to the next wildfire season and keep FireSmart best practices in mind during spring and fall yard maintenance.

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These FireSmart Homeowner resources are great for better protection of your home and property.

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