SilverStar Mountain Gets Approval to Form Association

Published: March 11, 2020

SilverStar Mountain Gets Approval To Form Association

March 11, 2020

SilverStar, BC – The BC government has given the ‘go ahead’ to the residents and businesses of SilverStar Mountain Resort to form an association, which could pave the way for a number of economic and social benefits in the North Okanagan.

The Silver Star Marketing Task Force originally proposed the association to the government back in 2017.  However, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing just approved the application as of yesterday.

SilverStar will be British Columbia’s fourth ski resort to establish an association joining Sun Peaks, Red Mountain and Whistler as the other mountains in BC with resort associations.

Next steps for the Task Force are to register the resort association in B.C. with the registrar of companies and elect its first board of directors in order to begin operations.


The association will provide a number of benefits to SilverStar owners:

Maintaining and Enhancing the Silver Star Experience – Strong visitor numbers will enable continued investment in the Silver Star experience. Amenities and infrastructure, including trails/runs, facilities and programs will be upgraded for the enjoyment of both residents and visitors.

Enhancing Resort Community Vibrancy – Visitors help create the critical mass of people needed to keep programs viable. This keeps the resort community feeling lively and fun.

Enhancing Property and Business Values – A stronger local economy and more vibrant resort will help enhance and/or protect property and business values for the whole resort community.

Improving Business and Accommodation Success – Residents and visitors benefit from the amenities, products, and services that are made locally available.


The association is a not-for-profit organization that will focus on the advancement of the Silver Star resort community. This will be done through accessing additional funding, advocating on behalf of the resort community and creating increased awareness through enhanced marketing and sales, communications, research and special events. Also, if supported by the membership, it could include common village area development and maintenance, central booking, signage in the Village area and Visitor information services.


The current RAM fees that have been applied to all residences and lots will be discontinued. Properties that have a rent charge on title would be released from them as stated in the current RAM agreements.

Funds raised by the association from outside sources will be supplemented by a new RMI fee. This fee is applied only to those homes or units being rented out.  There will be no assessment for residential properties not offered for rent.

Previously, the RMI has been used in the other resorts to fund a wide range of activities. These include festivals, events, village services, public art programs, trail development, village revitalization. Other uses could include, museum upgrades, improved direction, and interpretational signage, village shuttle services, trail kiosks, mountain bike trails, public gathering spaces, information centers, visitor hubs, and green spaces.

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