Published: February 18, 2022

Sovereign2SilverStar Ski Marathon

Sovereign Lake NC and SilverStar Mountain Resort are teaming up to present the first-ever Sovereign2SilverStar Ski Marathon this April. Re/Max Priscilla and Silverstarproperties are proud to partner with and bring this fantastic event to life! What is it you may ask?  Well, it’s a what we call a ‘point to party’ event where you ski from one great ski area to another. Not only does it have race aspects with a long course, but it comes with two of everything: two days (classic and skate), two distances each day (40km and 21km), and two ski areas (start at Sovereign Lake and finish on Main Street of SilverStar village).

THIS ISN’T A RACE, just remember it’s more fun than furious and just finishing is winning.  So while there is a ‘competitive’ wave for those that want to go hard, there will also be smaller ‘fun’ waves that will be spaced out to allow everyone to fully enjoy the trails and the experience. And, when combined Sovereign Lake Nordic and Silver Star Mountain have the largest daily groomed network of Nordic trails in Canada, meaning there will be repeated trail sections for either day, discipline or distance!

Once you cross the finish line at Silver Star, you’re just getting started as the party gets underway at the great local restaurants and bars.

The one question you may be asking is ‘Will there even be snow in April?’ The simple answer is YES, just ask anyone who has been to our Spring Fling skiing week in May.

Here’s the details on the event:

  • April 2nd, 2022: Classic Day: your choice of 40km or 21km.

  • April 3rd, 2022: Free/Skate Day: your choice of 40km or 21km.

  • Start in a World Cup stadium at Sovereign Lake, finish on Main Street in SilverStar village.

  • Food stations, Pictures at viewpoints, all part of the experience.

  • Choose between competitive and fun waves.

For more details or to sign up follow the links below:

Event website

General information package

Other local nordic events

Charity auction

Course maps – both distances

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