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Published: December 15, 2020


News from the Silver Star Resort Association

Welcome to the second newsletter from the Silver Star Resort Association (SSRA). We continue to move ahead with plans to establish a dynamic and visionary Association for our community.

As a not-for-profit body, the SSRA’s core focus lies firmly on amplifying Silver Star’s already enviable reputation as a year-round, family destination that delivers choice, quality and safety centered within an integrated and supportive community. Association initiatives will include special events and marketing activities. Additionally, the SSRA will lobby for incremental funding such as Government grants and tourism support programs available only to resorts with not-for-profit infrastructure.

The first order of business is to elect five new board members and hold our first Annual General Meeting. Please read below for all the latest news from the SSRA.
SSRA Appoints Board Nomination Committee
The current SSRA Board, appointed upon incorporation as required in the bylaws, is made up of the following directors: Gordon Baughen, Warren Burgess, Tim Dekker, Floyd Gradley, Russell Haubrich, Brian James, Don Kassa, Mike Randell, Julie Sherborn and two Silver Star appointees; Ken Derpak and Ian Jenkins. The Board selected both Board (3) and non-Board (2) members to serve on the nomination committee.

The nomination committee, made up of Floyd Gradley, Loreen Ruault, Martin George, Ian Jenkins and Don Kassa, are focusing on applying electoral systems and processes according to guidelines employed by the Province and RDNO, and the statutorily approved bylaws of the Association.  

Any Silver Star homeowner can suggest a candidate for election to the SSRA Board. The nomination committee will publicize subsequently the full slate of candidates along with instructions on how to vote. Please forward your suggestions to
The nomination committee is looking for a mix of views and backgrounds for the SSRA Board makeup. In addition to equitable gender and age group representation, ideally the Board will include representatives with a broad range of relevant experiences, including winter and summer recreation interests, such as alpine, nordic, hiking and biking, an understanding of development and environmental impact, and a passion for the stewardship of the Silver Star experience.

Directors retiring from the current Board as required in the bylaws are Don Kassa; Tim Dekker; Gordon Baughen, Brian James and Floyd Gradley.

The 11-member Board comprises the following elected positions:

1 Commercial Director

Commercial means any Resort Lot, or any portion thereof, used for any commercial, or industrial activity other than the rental of accommodation to the Public.

2 Hotel Lodging Directors

Hotel Lodging refers to a facility comprised of one or more buildings, or more than one Resort Lot, which:

  1. provides public accommodation; and
  2. has the services on its premises of a front desk manned continuously at least 2 hours a day for more than 75 days a year.

This includes Chilcoot, Vance Creek, Snowbird Lodge, Firelight, Silver Creek, Lord Aberdeen and Pinnacles.

2 Residential Lodging Directors

Residential Lodging means part of a facility or other dwelling that is not a Hotel Lodging or Single Owner Hotel Lodging but offers public rental accommodation. This includes:

  1. any facility which contains strata title condos which can be rented through a management service or by the owner;
  2. bed and breakfast type lodgings;
  3. single family dwelling units;
  4. duplex units.

This includes all strata properties with no manned front desk.

1 Residential Director

Residential means a Resort Lot never offered as public rental accommodation and is not a Developing Resort Lot or a Commercial Resort Lot.
Properties categorized as “Residential Lodging Director” will move to this category once declared by the property owner.

1 Single Owner Hotel Lodging Director

Single Owner Hotel Lodging means a facility in one location which has more than 20 rooms under one owner that are offered to the Public as rental accommodation, and if such lodging otherwise qualifies as a Hotel Lodging, then it shall be deemed for the purposes of these By- laws to not qualify as a Hotel Lodging.

This includes the Bulldog, Asgard and Silver Lode Inn.

2 At Large Directors

All members of SSRA including those members who are Owners of a Developing Resort Lot.
This includes owners of vacant lots.

 There are two non-elected positions. These are appointed by the Silver Star Mountain Operator. 
 The first election, which will be held early next year, will elect five Board members: 1 Residential Director; 1 Residential Lodging Director; 1 Hotel Lodging Director, 1 Commercial Director; and 1 At Large   Director.

Further details about the Board election process are in the SSRA bylaws which can be found at

Annual General Meeting and Board Election

Tentatively, the first Annual General Meeting of the SSRA will be held on January 30, 2021 with exact time and location yet to be determined. Board elections and a brief operating plan update will be the main agenda items.

Plans for the AGM are going ahead following the dismissal in the BC Supreme Court of an action seeking to overturn the Minister’s decision to approve the creation of the Resort Association, noted in the SSRA May 2020 email circular. During a September judicial review, the judge heard arguments from lawyers for Mr. Ken Byram, who commenced the action, the SSRA, and the Minister. The decision to dismiss the petition in its entirety was released on October 28, 2020.


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